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This page has the latest video and audio files loaded into Seecue. Type a word into the search box and click on the video

We are adding more example training and industrial videos. Public registration and uploading are not yet enabled.

If you would like to contact us about participation in Seecue development or testing, please look the 'About' tab and then contact us.

Contact and Feedback

For additional information about Seecue technology please send an email to:
michael.hall(at)seecue.com (Replace (at) with the @ sign)
Please refer to Seecue in the subject line so the junk-mail filer does not grab it.

To provide information or feedback, suggestions to us, use the same address and refer to Seecue Tech in the subject line.
We hope you will find Seecue interesting. We believe Seecue has a wide application in industry as well as in social and sporting sites.

In addition we would like to investigate the benefits that Seecue might provide to hearing or sight impared users who currently have great difficulty in accessing the information on the rapidly growing number of video sites.

We are exploring Seecue use in Education. Here is a recent presentation exploring pedagogical changes and opportunities that video is creating.
Presentation to the Centre for Excellence in Teaching Learning. University of Melbourne 2012