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 Seecue Collections Michaelh - 04-Apr-2011 9:43 AM
This upgrade introduces Seecue collections to signed in users. Collections can be shared with others and with the public. There is a lot of control over sharing to groups and/or individuals and the access that they get to the script. Ultimately the owner retains control over these sharing arrangement. We think this will be a great tool for education and training environments.
 Captions by Seecue Michaelh - 04-Apr-2011 9:43 AM
The first look at captions is now available from the 'Mockups and Example Links on the home page. Seecue captions provides Open captions outside the video frame. This means the picture is not obscured by captions. All Seecue videos can be viewed in captions mode. We have made the test captions page multi-format so you can search external videos, look at other videos in a collection or change scripts (and captions) while the video plays.
 Seecue Lite Michaelh - 04-Apr-2011 9:42 AM
We have revised the Seecue lite code. This means it is simpler to embed Seecue in your web site and use it to provide your clients access to videos, transcripts and content searching.
 Firefox 4 upgrade - better than 3.6 Michaelh - 04-Apr-2011 9:42 AM
The new Firefox 4 upgrade improves the browsers performance with responses to AJAX data returns. This means that Firefox 4 does not freeze some videos while it it loading other very large text information files on the page. This is great for hour long lectures with 25 plus pages of transcript.