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We are adding more example training and industrial videos. Public registration and uploading are not yet enabled.

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Seecue Tags and Links

Seecue can provide video management for websites that want video or TV presentation capabillty. The simple embed code delivers a whole collection of videos to a client page. This provides synchronised scripts, content searching, captions and TV mode for video collections.

Increased Web Traffic from Videos
Importantly Seecue can drive traffic to web sites a real Google searches of video content. Click on the first link that comes up in thei google search.

• Search: adstream customised ad bank

Here are a few examples of Seecue in applications including: client pages and demos for potential clients.

Seecue Embedded
• CASSE - Schools Bullying Pilot Program - CasseTV intiaitive
• Advance.org - Australia's Global Community of Entrepreneurs
• Hansard - Australian Parliament House of Representatives.
• Monash - Law and Commerce Building Fund

• Barak Obama with the classic line we have a lot of work to do.
• Nanci Pelosi - US Congress Speaker - Video in English, Script in Spanish
• Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says sorry to Australian Aborigines.
• Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull (as Environment Minister) - Solar and Wind technology

• GOOGLE AdSense: select up to 5 different channels to to track the performance of your ads

• David Beckham scores against Greece to put England into the 2002 World Cup finals
• Baseball - Replay of that Viral Ad - the Ballgirl Catch

• Alan Kohler - Inside Business Demo
• Richard Rosenblatt on Dog and Pony about Rupert Murdoch's purchase of mySpace
• Current Affairs - Alan Kohler interviews Prof. Warwick McKibbin - Inside Business(demo for ABC)
• Media Monitors Demo - Media Portal page targeting an indonesian translation of President Obama's weekly
   address where he plans to 'create three to four million jobs over the next few years'.

• John Gielgud & Edith Evans: The Importance of Being Earnest on Losing both parents - Captions
• Barracking for Obama - Red Symons - Mashup - Demo for Seecue TV captions interface
• John F Kennedy - We choose to go to the moon.

Seecue Mobile:
• The Barak Obama - Promo with captions formatted for a mobile device (in development)