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This page has the latest video and audio files loaded into Seecue. Type a word into the search box and click on the video

We are adding more example training and industrial videos. Public registration and uploading are not yet enabled.

If you would like to contact us about participation in Seecue development or testing, please look the 'About' tab and then contact us.

Technical Notes on Seecue

What is Seecue?

Seecue is technology that links videos and text documents. From a familiar text search Seecue finds videos. Seecue highlights the search text in the content page, making links that allow you to re-cue the video and start playing the video from that point.
Seecue can link any text - not just the text of the audio track. This means Seecue can link text in other languages, commentaries or scripts that are quite unrelated to the audio track.

From a search of any of these script text files, you can find the content you are interested in and play the video from that point.

What Seecue is not:

Seecue doesn't create video files or the text script files. Seecue just understands and saves the relationship between these files so that it can generate cue lists for lines of text and time cues from searches of the text.

How does Seecue work?

Seecue produces two sets of calculations: one for time cues against each line of script (cuelist) and one for the position of a word in the script as a 'time from start' of the digital file (searchtime).
The basis for cuelist generation is a set of detailed data extracted from the script when it is entered/edited and saved.
A cuelist is generated when a script is displayed. Each line of the script corresponds to a time cue in the list. The lines of script are soft wrapped - like a word processor, so time cues are dynamically generated on each page refresh.
Seecue uses language specific word-breakers to store script files in a database. These are searched via Structured Query Language (SQL) full text indxes saved as language specific queries.

Seecue's indexing does not alter the text file (or the video). So more text can be added to a text file and when it is saved Seecue will calculate new metrics for that script to adjust the synchonisation of text for everything after the point the new text was entered.
The Seecue environment
Seecue is a technology not just the application you see here. Different applications employing this technology are possible. For example, Seecue can be "face lifted" and embedded in other web sites as a resource. This would enhance a video only site with content searching capacity.
Seecue was originally developed in Microsoft's dotNet 2.0 archtecture using SQLServer 2008. To develop for the widest possible use, Seecue has been ported to Apachie 2.0 and re-written for PHP 5.2 (this version). The same SQLServer 2008 database supports both versions.