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Seecue Wins 2010 Telstra Innovation Challenge Award ►

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Seecue Wins Telstra Innovation Award November 2010

We are excited that Seecue technology has been selected as one of four national winners of Telstra's 2010 Innovation Challenge Award.

The Seecue team will have the opportunity to work with Telstra engineers to evaluate how our innovation can be used to enhance Telstra's on-line digital offerings. We are hoping to explore options relating to internet TV and mobile PC formats.

Seecue's full content search allows a viewer to go straight to the part of an on-line video they want to see, rather than winding backwards and forwards to find the scene they are after. And they can search though thousands of videos at the same time.

While the video plays, Seecue technology can continuously search for context relevant material and place it on the page with the video. So advertising can be directly relevant to the content customers are viewing. With Seecue's capacity to use multiple languages, many more viewers can be engaged.

Seecue's potential is to give Telstra's on-line customers an enhanced video environment, providing direct access to more video content from anywhere on the Internet and building a video centric environment with: notes, sharing, chat and exchange options.

Seecue's CEO, Michael Hall talks about Seecue technology.
Telstra's David Thodey interviewed by Alan Kohler on ABC and searched via Seecue in English, Chinese, Hindi
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Telstra Innovation Challenge media release
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