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This page has the latest video and audio files loaded into Seecue. Type a word into the search box and click on the video

We are adding more example training and industrial videos. Public registration and uploading are not yet enabled.

If you would like to contact us about participation in Seecue development or testing, please look the 'About' tab and then contact us.

Uploading (or Linking) Video and Audio Files

Upload or linking to an external video file are similar processes. First sign in to Seecue and select the My Videos tab. Then choose the option to Upload a file.

On the upload page (shown) a drop down list allows the selection of a local video or audio file or a linked video (shown).
If linking a video please enter the duration of the video, and the embedded link to that video. Clicking the youTube icon will popup another window to the youTube main page. Find you youTube video you wish to link and copy the embedded link offered by youTube for that video into your clipboard. (ie Highlight the link and press ctrl+c).

Complete the rest of the fields and press the Link/upload button. Linking to existing files on the web is very quick.
If you upload a file, Seecue will extract 3 frames as optional thumbnails. If you link a file, Seecue will use the thumbnail avaialble from youTube. Audio files are allcated a placeholder thumbnail.

Uploaded or linked files appear on your My Videos list - marked as uploaded. You may review these files and edit the details before publishing the record in Seecue. Files are not available until published. Only published files are available to your group, and only published files can have additional scripts attached to them.