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This page has the latest video and audio files loaded into Seecue. Type a word into the search box and click on the video

We are adding more example training and industrial videos. Public registration and uploading are not yet enabled.

If you would like to contact us about participation in Seecue development or testing, please look the 'About' tab and then contact us.

Video and Audio Files

Seecue provides access to video files on our server and links to videos in other web sites. The biggest video library is youTube.

Seecue allows registered users to select a video link provided by a web site (just youTube embedded links for now) and find that video from a Seecue search of the content. These linked videos are able to be accessed exactly like videos uploaded to the Seecue server.

The linked youTube videos have a youTube logo in the bottom corner.
Most public users will find youTube videos provide the quickest response times. YouTube only supports flash players so if your video is in WMV format and you want to use a WMV player you will need to load your video onto the Seecue server.

During development, links to our server for non-flash videos may be too low to provide a good Seecue experience outside Australia.
If a link has been created to a video that you own and you do not wish us to allow it to be used fron this site please let us know (see Contact Page) and we will have the link removed.

Notes on images:
We are using a ballast of 35,000 images and associated text for SQL full-text search load testing. Please, ignore them if they sometimes come up in the searches.